Carpentry & Staging

Carpentry / Staging / Scenery / Shop / On-the-fly Fabrications

From small stages for corporate events to complicated large scale stages for multi-act Broadcast Musical  Awards shows, we have top notch Tradespersons with proven experence in building straighforward to complex sets with lifts, turn tables, and other automation elements.



Carpenters at MTV Movie Awards, Barker Hanger

- Building Trussing Structures
- Assembling Steel Decking
- Rolling Band Risers
- Building Stairs and Railing

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Mobile Shops on Set / Location

- Building  according to Spec 
- On-the-Fly Fabrication
- Skilled Craftspeople providing solutions to everyday challenges
- We make it work!

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Certified Fork, Scissor and Boom Operators

- For Loading / Unloading Trucks
- For Building Stages 
- Rigging Lighting Fixtures
- For Hanging Drapes & Other Goods

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IATSE TTF Safety & Training

OSHA 10 & 30, Fall Protection, Forklift Cert., Aerial Lift Cert., Boom Lift, SPRAT, AVIXA Cert., ETCP Electricians

ETCP Rigging

ETCP Certified Arena & Theater, Legit Showhouse Theatrcal Rigging, Arena & Theater Concert Rigging, Automation

Audio / Video Speicalist 

AVIXA Certified, FOH Installation & Mixing. Break-Out Rooms, A1, A2, Sound System, Live Performance

Production Lighting

Production Lighting, Board Operotor, Spot Operator, Power Distribution, Cabling, Fixtures(Practical & Movers)

With the help of I.A.T.S.E. Local 33 professional stagecraft technicians, your shows are on time, under budget and professional.

Our Family

We are proud to partner with our dedicated employers for your entertainment needs.

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Affiliated Venues, Union Shops & Networks


Affiliated Venues, Union Shops & Networks

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Affiliated Venues, Union Shops & Networks

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Affiliated Venues, Union Shops & Networks

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Vin Di Bona receives an Honorary IATSE Gold Card

Brother Ron Valentine, TV Business Agent at Local 33 presented Vin Di Bona, creator of America's Funniest Home Videos, an honorary Gold Card for his continued support of the IATSE.

At the Academy Awards with Local 33

Want a behind the scenes look at the Academy Awards? Thanks to
Local 33, here's a sneak peak at the hours upon hours of work that goes into making the show a success.

How to Load-Out an Opera in Under Two Minutes

This time lapse was shot at the Walt Disney Concert Hall during the load out of Mozart's classic opera "The Marriage of Figaro". Special thanks to the hardworking members of IATSE Local #33, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The song used is "Mahna Mahna" by Cake, Copyright 2007 by Upbeat Records. Video By Robert Colby

The Magic Starts Here!  IATSE Local 33

Behind the scenes of IATSE Local 33 at the 2016 SAG Awards.

Local 33 onstage crew setting the stage for Lady Gaga & Bradly Cooper performace at the Oscars

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (From A Star Is Born/Live From The Oscars)

Timelapse Changeover @ The LA Opera

With the blessing of the LA Opera, this video was produced entirely by our IA Local 33 members. The video taken by Brother Corey Cooper and edited by Sister Kelly Travis.

About us

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